Polkadot Weekly News December 14, 2020

Polkadot Core

Polkadot Referenda

  • #13 Incorrect Slashing on Council Caused by elections-phragmen Pallet Bug is ongoing.

Polkadot Proposals 

  • #43 Incorrect Slashing on Council Caused by elections-phragmen Pallet Bug has executed.
  • #7 Increase the number of Validators to 599.
  • #2 Set the new runtime code.
  • #4 Increse the number of Validators to 299.
  • #5 Increase the number of Validators to 399.
  • #6 Increase the number of Validators to 499.
  • #41 Cancellation of Proposal 8 has executed.
  • #10 Send a call through an indexed pseudonym of the sender.
  • #39 The operating expenses of SUBSCAN (Polkadot network) from December 2020 to February 2021.
  • #27 Treasury Proposal: Patract Hub’s treasury proposal for Europa (sandbox) v0.2.
  • #44 LocalCoinSwap Treasury Proposal: Python Substrate libraries upgrade & Polkadot integration: Milestone 2 has executed.
  • #45 Substrate Hackathon treasury proposal: @ Hangzhou, China on Dec.19-20, 2020 has executed.

Kusama Proposals and Referenda

  • #94 Redenomination KSM for better parallel chain slot auction testing. (The revision: I’m sorry about my proposal) has failed.
  • #245 Motion: Milestone 1 – Native Kusama support in Rotki has executed.
  • #95 Incorrect Slashing on Council Caused by elections-phragmen Pallet Bug.

Polkadot Community

Dates of Note

  • December 16, 12:25 UTC: Voting ends for referendum 12.
  • December 19-20: Substrate Hackathon @ Hangzhou, China.
  • December 29, 11:27 UTC: Start of next spending period via treasury.
  • December 16, 15:00 UTC: Polkadot Conversations – Session 3 – Fireside Chat with Bill Laboon.
  • January 6, 12:25 UTC: Application of slashes from era 188.
  • January 6, 12:25 UTC: Potential dispatch of referendum 12 (if passed) via Democracy.
  • Q1 2021: Bitcoin is coming to Polkadot (PolkaBTC).
  • Q1 2021: Ethereum bridge is coming to Polkadot.

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