Polkadot Weekly News January 18, 2021

Polkadot Core

Polkadot Referenda

  • #14 Immediate Stolen DOT lock-up request

Polkadot Bounties

Polkadot Proposals 

  • #13 Lawyer to Verify Legal Names.
  • #7 Increase the number of Validators to 599.
  • #2 Set the new runtime code.
  • #4 Increse the number of Validators to 299.
  • #5 Increase the number of Validators to 399.
  • #6 Increase the number of Validators to 499.
  • #41 Cancellation of Proposal 8 has executed.
  • #10 Send a call through an indexed pseudonym of the sender.
  • #39 The operating expenses of SUBSCAN (Polkadot network) from December 2020 to February 2021.
  • #53 Treasury Proposal – High Performance Public Infrastructure has executed.

Kusama Proposals and Referenda

  • #63 Make Kusama database snapshots available on Polkashots.io.
  • Proposal for Validator Resource Center and Ranking Website for Kusama (Phase 2).
  • #250 “Virtual Niche” – The World’s First Crypto Art Exhibition with Kusama Network has executed.
  • #66 Patract Hub’s proposal for Ask! v0.1 (ink! in AssemblyScript).
  • Motion 253 issue a referendum for upgrading the Kusama runtime to v2027 has executed.
  • Motion 254 Patract Hub’s proposal for Ask! v0.1 (ink! in AssemblyScript) has executed.
  • Motion 255 artist Jessica Angel in collaboration with the Vancouver Biennale share Milestone #2 for the project Voxel Bridge has executed.
  • Motion 256 KodaDot NFT explorer.
  • #70 Kusama Comics: visual explainers and Polkadot/Kusama blockchain promotion in social media.

Polkadot Community

Dates of Note

  • January 20, 16:35 UTC: Election of new council candidates.
  • January 22, 16:35 UTC: Start of next spending period.
  • January 27, 15:36 UTC: Application of slashes from era 212.
  • January 30, 15:36 UTC: Application of slashes from era 215.
  • February 3, 15:35 UTC: Potential dispatch of referendum 13 (if passed).
  • February 3, 15:35 UTC: Voting of referendum 14 ends (if passed).
  • February 3, 15:35 UTC: Start of next referendum voting period (if passed).
  • Q1 2021: Bitcoin is coming to Polkadot (PolkaBTC).
  • Q1 2021: Ethereum bridge is coming to Polkadot.
  • Q1 2021: Kusama Parachain relsease.
  • Q1 2021: Polkadot Parachain release.

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