Polkadot Weekly News July 6, 2021

Tokens, Parachains, and Community News.

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  • (Apron Network) What Changes Can Decentralized Node Services Bring to the Blockchain Industry
  • (Astar Network) Plasm rebrands to Astar Network in pursuit of becoming a Polkadot-native DApp Hub.
  • (Automata Network) Our Partnership with Polygon.
  • (Crust Network) 10x for 10 days! “Data Power Boost” is Launched!
  • (Crust Network) Decoo supports “Profit Data” Platform.
  • (Crust Network) Profit Data | Data Power Rules Adjustments and Upgrades.
  • (Darwina) The Darwinia Crab Crowdloan | Tutorial Update: Newland.
  • (Darwina) Darwinia Hight June| Monthly Recap.
  • (Darwina) Glitch and Darwinia form a strategic partnership to extend the utility of native assets.
  • (Equilibrium) Genshiro Crowdloan Rewards Are Doubled For Early Supporters!
  • (Equilibrium) Equilibrium In Review: June 2021.
  • (Equilibrium) The First-Ever Polkadot & Kusama <> BSC Bridge Is Live On The Testnet!
  • (Interlay) Interlay Expands Mission: polkaBTC becomes interBTC — Bitcoin on any Blockchain.
  • (Kylin) Asva Labs with Kylin Network.
  • (Kylin) Cudos Partners with Kylin Network.
  • (Litentry) Litentry Partners with MathChain to Expand Adoption of DID in DeFi Wallet.
  • (Litentry) Litentry this week: the rise of blockchain data analytics, whitelisting, staking, and new office.
  • (Litentry) Litentry partners with DAFI Protocol to introduce a new Staking Model.
  • (Manta Network) Manta Network Partners with MathChain to Provide In-wallet Privacy.
  • (Patract Labs) Patract Monthly Report,June.
  • (Patract Labs) Wasm Contract Summary from Alliance Members (June,2021).
  • (Polkadot) Nominating and Validator Selection on Polkadot.
  • (Polkaswap) July 2, 2021, Dev Updates for SORA, Polkaswap, and Fearless Wallet.
  • (Raze Network) Raze Network & Asva Labs Partnership Announcement.
  • (Reef Finance) Reef Finance Integrating with 5X Margin to Bring Leveraged Trading to Reef Chain.
  • (Reef Finance) Reef Finance Welcomes Relite Finance to Reef Chain, Powering Cross-Chain Borrowing and Lending.
  • (StaFi) StaFi 2021Q3 Roadmap-Robust System for rToken.
  • (StaFi) StaFi Protocol Monthly- June Community Updates.
  • (SubQuery) SubQuery’s Just Got a lot Faster with the Dictionary.
  • (SubQuery) NFT’s on Kusama can be Explored with Kodadot and SubQuery.
  • (Supercolony) A Quick Guide Applying to the Supercolony Incubator.

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Polkadot Referenda Bounties and Motions

  • #8 setValidatorCount
  • #10 asDerivative.
  • #26 setValidatorCount.

Kusama Referenda Bounties and Motions

  • #76 Proposal: Parachain Lease Offering Dashboard.
  • #123 Limit on the maximum number of validators, based on scaling issues has executed.
  • #321 Treasury Proposal – CryptoLab Staking Website (milestone 1).

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