Polkadot Weekly News June 22, 2021

Tokens, Parachains, and Community News.

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  • (Acala) Current and Acala Announce Partnership, Bringing Hybrid Finance (HyFi) to Current’s 3 Million U.S. Customers.
  • (Acala) Karura’s Crowdloan & Parachain Auction Are Imminent — Here’s What To Expect.
  • (Band Protocol) BandChain Phase 2: Use-Cases For DeFi.
  • (Band Protocol) Coin98 Wallet Expands Integration of Band Protocol Oracles To Create More Transparent and Better Experiences Over 268,000 Users.
  • (BIFROST) BIFROST & BiFi X Avalanche AMA Recap.
  • (BIFROST) BIFROST & BiFi Roadmap Update
  • (Bit.Country) Testnet Update: Bit.Country’s Faucet and Collator Node Operator Is Now Live.
  • (ChainX) PolkaX Advice on KSX Crowdloan.
  • (Crust Network) Crust is providing free storage space!
  • (Darwina) Kusama Parachain Auction Live AMA Recap.
  • (Darwina) Automata and Darwinia form a strategic partnership to develop a solution for uncompromised privacy.
  • (Equilibrium) The W3F Grant is completed and our Curve implementation to be launched on Genshiro first, our canary network on Kusama.
  • (Equilibrium) Genshiro Integrates Chainlink Price Feeds In Its NFT Tokens.
  • (Equilibrium) Genshiro Crowdloan Is Live! How To Participate?
  • (Equilibrium) GENS Will Be Listed On Kucoin!
  • (Equilibrium) GENS Is Live On BKEX!
  • (Genesis Shards) Genesis Shards partners with Unic.ly to fractionalize GenTicket NFTs.
  • (Kusama) Kuara Wins first Parachain Slot!
  • (Kylin Network) Introducing DDMOs — a DeData catalyst for Kylin Network.
  • (Phala Network) Multiple Industry Experts Join Phala’s R&D Company in Executive Capacities.
  • (Phala Network) Khala Auction Live AMA | Deep Dive on Kusama Slot Auction.
  • (Phala Network) Khala Crowdloan DApp Live.
  • (Plasm Network) Shiden Network launches Builders Program.
  • (Plasm Network) Plasm Network/ Shiden Network Announces Partnership with doublejump.tokyo, the largest NFT content creator in Japan.
  • (Polkafoundry) Official Update about PolkaSmith and Parachain Auction Plan on Kusama Network.
  • (Polkalokr) Polkalokr forms a strategic partnership with YOP.
  • (Polkalokr) Polkalokr Partners With StaFi.
  • (Polkarare) PolkaRare BSC Bridge – PRARE ERC20<>BEP20 conversion guide.
  • (Pollkarare) PolkaRare Joins Forces With Arkane for Using its APIs for NFT Creation.
  • (Raze Network) Raze Network & TribeOne Partnership Announcement.
  • (Raze Network) Raze Network Partners With Memeunity.
  • (Reef Finance) Reef Finance and Pinknode Come Together to Provide Secure and Reliable API Endpoints.
  • (Reef Finance) Reef Finance partners with multi-chain options trading platform Oddz Finance to bring a new range of DeFi trading options to Reef users.
  • (SpiderDAO) SpiderDAO announces Substrate 3.0 Upgrade on Polkadot network.
  • (StaFi) The Recap of AMA with Unmarshal.
  • (Supercolony) OpenZeppelin in ink!
  • (Supercolony) OpenBrush, an early alpha of our OpenZeppelin Library for Ink!
  • (SubQuery) SubQuery Network — Our Goals and Competitive Advantages.
  • (SubQuery) SubQuery Network — In Summary.
  • (zCloak) ZKP in a browser? You got it!

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Polkadot Referenda Bounties and Motions

  • #24 Increasing the WASM heap pages.

Kusama Referenda Bounties and Motions

  • #76 Proposal: Parachain Lease Offering Dashboard.

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