Polkadot Weekly News June 3, 2021

Tokens, Parachains, and Community News.

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  • (Apron Network) Recruitment! Apron invites node service providers on the BSC and Hecoh.
  • (Bifrost) BIFROST is Integrating Avalanche, Bringing its DeFi Protocol BiFi and Enabling Other DApps to Function Across Chains.
  • (Bit.Country) RMRK and Bit.Country join forces to make the metaverse more wonderful.
  • (Bit.Country) Bit.Country Metaverses Aim to Bring Jobs to Africa.
  • (Crust Network) Crust Grants Projects | May 2021.
  • (Crust Network) Crust Network and Manta Network Collaborate For Decentralized Storage Privacy.
  • (Crust Network) Crust Network and Kaka Collaborate For NFT Asset Decentralized Storage.
  • (Darwina) Darwinia’s Network Data is Now Available for Free on SubQuery.
  • (Darwina) Genesis Shards ties-up with decentralized cross-chain bridge network, Darwinia.
  • (Equilibrium) Your Step-By-Step Guide To The Genshiro Lockdrop.
  • (Genesis Shards) Genesis Shards partners with PolkaFoundry’s multi-chain IDO platform, Red Kite.
  • (Interlay) PolkaBTC: Last Testnet Challenges before Launch!.
  • (Kilt Protocol) KILT Protocol, Some Commonly Asked Questions.
  • (Manta Network) Manta Network Raises $1.1M Led by Polychain Capital to Build Privacy Preserving Decentralized Exchange.
  • (Moonbeam) Some Basic Facts On Moonriver, Moonbeams CanaryNet.
  • (Phala Network) Privacy x DeFi: Phala Network Expands Its Strategic Partnership with Amara Finance.
  • (Phala Network) ANN | Khala Crowdloan Dapp is Available to Invite Friends Now!
  • (Polkalokr) Polkalokr and Konomi Network Joins Hands to Simplify Tokenomics and Token Management.
  • (Raze Network) Raze Network Announces Partnership With DIA.
  • (Raze Network) Raze Network Partners With Dot Finance.
  • (Reef Finance) Reef Finance launches $20M Grant Fund to Expand Reef Chain Development.
  • (Reef Finance) Realm to build out its NFT realms on Reef Chain.

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Polkadot Referenda Bounties and Motions

  • #24 Increasing the WASM heap pages.

Kusama Referenda Bounties and Motions

  • #76 Proposal: Parachain Lease Offering Dashboard.
  • #47 Set Validator Count has failed.
  • #116 Configuration change requested by Technical Committee.

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