Polkadot Weekly News May 19, 2021

Tokens, Parachains, and Community News.

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  • (Acala) Current and Acala Announce Partnership, Bringing Hybrid Finance HyFi to Current’s 3 Million U.S. Customers.
  • (Acala) Karura’s Crowdloan & Parachain Auction Are Imminent — Here’s What To Expect.
  • (Apron Network) Apron Network will compete the Kusama Parachain Slot Auction.
  • (Automata Network) Our Partnership with Clover Finance.
    (ChainX) Summary: AMA with PolkaX CEO Guanghua Guo.
  • (ChainX) SherpaX Kusama Slot Auction Incentive Plan.
  • (Crust Network) Crust Network Partners with Patract Labs for Supporting Wasm Technology Alliance to Provide Free Storage Solutions.
  • (Crust Network) Crust Network and ColdStack Collaborate For Decentralized Storage.
  • (Crust Network) Crust Network and DeCredit Collaborate For Decentralized Storage.
  • (Equilibrium) How Does Equilibrium’s Risk Model Work?
  • (Equilibrium) Band Protocol Comes To Genshiro, Equilibrium’s Kusama-Based Parachain.
  • (Kilt) KILT + Acala = Composability.
  • (Kylin Network) Kylin Goes THORChain: A Handy Guide to the THORChain Integration.
  • (Kylin Network) Charged Particles Partners with Kylin Network.
  • (Kylin Network) Kylin Human Capital Announcement!
  • (Kylin Network) Netvrk partners with Kylin Network.
  • (Phala Network) Phala Expands Strategic Partnership with RMRK.
  • (Plasm) Automata Successfully Finishes the First Integration on Plasm.
  • (Polkadot) The Launch of Parachains.
  • (Polkalokr) Polkalokr partners with Paralink Network.
  • (Polkalokr) Polkalokr Use Cases.
  • (Raze Network) Raze Network Partners With Polkarare.
  • (Reef Finance) Reef Finance partners with DEIP Network to bring a unique class of DeFi investment opportunities based on intellectual properties to users.
  • (Reef Finance) Reef Finance partners with Benchmark to integrate xMARK into the Reef Ecosystem.
  • (Reef Finance) Introduction to ReefStarter: IDO Platform on Reef Chain.
  • (RioDefi) RioDefi Announces Cinchblock as Official Marketing Partner.
  • (RioDefi) Recap of RioDeFi AMA with CEO James Anderson.
  • (SpiderDao) SpiderDAO releases midterm Q2 2021 Roadmap update.
  • (TrustBase) TrustBase is casting Volcano Mining Pool, and the accelerating ecological layout.
  • (TrustBase) TrustBase has launched three major nodes, and will soon open all verification node pledge entrances.

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Polkadot Referenda Bounties and Motions

  • #23 Lawyer to Verify Legal Names.

Kusama Referenda Bounties and Motions

  • #76 Proposal: Parachain Lease Offering Dashboard.
  • #47 Set Validator Count.

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