Polkadot Weekly News May 27, 2021

Tokens, Parachains, and Community News.

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  • (Apron Network) Apron Network Partners with Evanesco.
  • (ChainX) SherpaX is ready to go for the Kusama slot auction.
  • (ChainX) Coming V0.0.2 Recruits 100 testers.
  • (Crust Network) Crust Updates Kusama Parachain Slot Auction Rewards.
  • (Darwina) Darwinia Crab’s Kusama Parachain Auction Strategy.
  • (Equilibrium) Equilibrium’s Genshiro Integrates Price Feed Data From Bluzelle.
  • (Genesis Shards) We’re excited to announce that DIA will be an Ecosystem Oracle partner for projects on Genpad.
  • (Genesis Shards) The Game Changer for Web3 Adoption is here — introducing The Dapp List.
  • (Genesis Shards) Genesis Shards x PAID Network — Ready, Set, Go!
  • (HydraDX) Introducing Basilisk.
  • (Interlay) PolkaBTC Beta Testnet— Scheduled maintenance, 25 March 3pm GMT.
  • (Interlay) PolkaBTC Beta Testnet Upgrade Incoming.
  • (KILT Protocol) KILT Protocol Introduces Decentralised Identity Verification with SocialKYC.
  • (Manta Network) Manta Network & Phala Partner to Bring Full-stack Privacy to Polkadot.
  • (Patract Labs) Patract Labs walked into Substrate Seminar and introduced Wasm contract tool suite.
  • (Plasm Network) Kusama Auction and Shiden Crowdloan Campaign.
  • (Polkalokr) Polkalokr Forms a Strategic Alliance with Ares Protocol.
  • (Polkarare) PolkaRare partners with Paralink Network to integrate Multichain oracles into its NFT platforms.
  • (Polkarare) Exnetwork Capital makes a Strategic Investment in PolkaRare.
  • (Polkaswitch) Security Audit: Halborn x Polkaswitch partnership.
  • (Reef Finance) Lendefi to build on Reef Chain.
  • (Reef Finance) Reef Chain the DeFi Blockchain Launch.
  • (RioDefi) RioDeFi integrates with Simplex.
  • (SpiderDAO) SpiderDAO announces strategic partnership and future LaU program with Idavoll Network..

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Polkadot Referenda Bounties and Motions

  • #23 Lawyer to Verify Legal Names did not pass.
  • #24 Increasing the WASM heap pages.

Kusama Referenda Bounties and Motions

  • #76 Proposal: Parachain Lease Offering Dashboard.
  • #47 Set Validator Count.

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