Polkadot Weekly News September 28, 2020

Polkadot Core

  • Web3 Foundation is building an automated verification service for Polkadot on-chain identities.
  • Substrate name service pallet work has started.
  • cancel_proposal has been added to get rid of pesky proposals.
  • Fixed the weight of propose and introduced a hard-core blacklist option to ensure a proposal hash never returns.
  • Polkadot Nominator rewards are being broken into multiple payouts due to the recent increase in nominators per validator.

Polkadot Referenda

  • Nominee Referenda approved which increases the number from 64 to 256 active nominees per validator.
  • Fixed proxy-related storage from the v24 runtime migration that was passed and executed.

Polkadot Proposals 

  • #7 Increase the number of Validators to 599.
  • #2 Changing the calculation of the commission when sending from a Polkadot wallet.
  • #4 Increase the number of Validators to 299.
  • #5 Increase the number of Validators to 399.
  • #6 Increase the number of Validators to 499.
  • #8 Increase the number of Validators to 259.

Kusama Core

Kusama Referenda

  • #87 Increase number of Validators to 87.

Kusama Proposals

  • None.

Polkadot Community

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